The following companies are members of AustStab and supply quality binders for soil stabilisation and road recycling. The companies are listed alphabetically.

This information will be continually updated and where applicable web links are noted for further information.

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Adelaide Brighton Cement

Adelaide Brighton Cement Limited (ABCL) operates binder production plants in Geelong (Geelong Cement), Perth (Swan Portland Cement), Birkenhead and Angaston (South Australia) and there is a continuous development of purpose designed binders ongoing at all of these locations.

Typically, ABCL offers a variety of cement and lime binders incorporating fly ash and granulated blast furnace slag in varying proportions. Details of the most used pavement stabilisation binders are listed below:


Swan Portland



All ABCL blended products are currently manufactured by controlled proportion intergrinding and blending to ensure that a homogeneous finished product is achieved. Various other blending systems are currently under evaluation and will be commissioned at various sites in the near future. These plants will allow blended binders to be produced in specified proportions to suit the particular application under consideration.

For further information please contact:

South Australia: D Bonnett TEL: (08) 8300 0300 FAX: (08) 8341 1591

Western Australia: Mike Harper TEL: (08) 9366 2200 FAX: (08) 9361 8515


Cement Australia Lime Products

Cement Australia produces consistent high quality quicklime and hydrated lime and distributes these products throughout Queensland. Tailor-made 2 and 3 component blends incorporating lime, fly ash, cement and other binders are available for specific stabilisation applications from a purpose built blending plant in Rockhampton. For further information please contact Paul Ribinsky on 07 4932 1710 or or David Saunderson on 07 4932 1740 or


Blue Circle Southern Cement

Blue Circle Southern provides a wide range of products to meet as many of the differing soil types and construction techniques used by industry.

The binding systems incorporate fly ash and ground-granulated iron blast furnace slag with the activator being hydrated lime or Portland cement, and each has particular construction advantages. For instance, the Portland cement blends offer shorter working time, and the potential advantage of no overnight rutting of stabilised pavements which become trafficked soon after construction. The lime based system offers the advantages of long and extended working times, and the ability to recompact. Should at first the construction results in pavement densities being insufficient these lime-based binders allow recompaction due to the their longer setting time characteristics. Additionally, the construction of large jobs can be carried out because of the extended working times if construction equipment is limited.

The supply of stabilising blends includes Stabilment, 70 lime blend both incorporating hydrated lime and Slag Stabilising Cement (SSC40), RoadmentSlagment using Portland cement and Pozzoment (a cement/fly ash blend).

Blue Circle Southern also has separate quicklime and hydrated lime products for stabilisation of heavy clay materials and subgrade treatment. The quicklime is produced at Marulan and the lime is a soft burnt highly reactive product with calcium oxide availability (CaO) in excess of 90%. The production of hydrated lime using this highly reactive quicklime results in a very fine particle sizing which is utilised to good advantage in the other stabilisation products.

The availability of the majority of these binders is throughout NSW and in many instances the selection of the appropriate ingredient has been specifically targeted by region from a large data base, developed over many years of experience.

Should you have further questions about products suitable to your specific application, contact Rohan McDowall on TEL: (03) 5240 6066 or FAX: (03) 5241 8310.

Cooee Products

Ecotrax is an Australian invention manufactured on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. This product development by Cooee Products commenced in early 2000 with the Ecotrax formula finalised in late 2003.

Based on the observation that a lot of road deterioration is due to water entering the base layer, Ecotrax was developed as a road stabilising binder that is also hydrophobic. Ecotrax is an environmentally friendly chemical binder that enables bitumen to easily mix with cold water down to percentages as low as 0.01%. It also changes the effectiveness of the bitumen so that the binder covers all particles. It therefore binds the fines and the larger materials in the base material without the necessity of other additives.

Ecotrax can be applied at a quarry plant-mix or mixed into insitu material using a stabiliser.

Further testing is currently underway, including resilient modulus testing to Austroads test procedures.

If you are interested in copies of these results and further developments please contact Tony Pynsent at Cooee Products on (07) 5477 0953. Or enquire via


In the early 1990s Hyrock constructed a 25 m3 Ribbon Merge Cell (RMC) batch blender, which is one of the largest in Australia , to supply stabilising binders to government authorities and contractors.

 The RMC Batch Blenders have ‘design-a-blend’ capability, producing blends of lime, fly ash, ground slag and cement in any ratio desired by the road pavement designer.  Advanced computer control ensures blends are produced to within 1% accuracy of customer requirements.

  Hyrock has developed a proprietary binder based on a by-product produced by the coal fired lime kiln.  The product is known as DiCal and consists of very finely divided quicklime, fly ash and limestone blended within the rotary kiln at temperatures up to 1000o C.  DiCal is inexpensive and has unique binding properties not to be found in other cementitious binders.

 The location of the Charbon Works and Port Kembla Terminal with their blending, storage and loading facilities ensures the efficient production and dispatch of lime, fly ash and cementitious binders throughout NSW.

  For more information about Hyrock, contact Brad Brown on (02) 4276-4276 or refer to

Independent Cement and Lime

Slag is a creation of the high temperature combination of minerals, which are formed over thousands of years, and bought together when producing iron.

The granulated slag that is produced from the above process at BHP in Newcastle, is predominantly shipped to Port Melbourne in Victoria. Here it is processed for blending the extensive range of stabilants that Independent Cement and Lime (ICL) produce for Victoria and New South Wales.

In 1993 ICL commenced supplying the road stabilisation industry with slag-based blends to suit design specifications of individual jobs. ICL has the capability to provide a limitless range of blends. Binders available from ICL include any combination of the following materials:

Binders from ICL are marketed under Steelpave for the slag-lime and slag-lime-fly ash blends, and Steelcement for the cement-slag blend.

The frequently requested binders consist of the following blended materials:

Each of these binders has individual characteristics, being more conducive to different pavement materials and the environment, in terms of rainfall etc.

For further information please contact:

Victoria: James Howard TEL: (03) 9676 0000  FAX: (03) 9646 4954

Newcastle: Gordon Dobson TEL: (02) 4964 4208 FAX: (02) 4964 4328



For further information please contact Max Wallis on 02 6056 5557 or or visit the web site at


Shell Bitumen

Shell Bitumen is the largest supplier of petroleum bitumen in Australia and offers nationwide coverage from a network of refineries, manufacturing plants and depots. This supply network is strategically sited to ensure that products for specific applications are readily available. Shell Bitumen places emphasis on customer service, product quality and innovation, and draws on extensive laboratory facilities for product testing and development work. Local technical staff are available for immediate assistance and this service is supported by the expertise of Shell International, the world's leading bitumen supplier.

Shell Bitumen produce the Mexphalte range of high performance paving grade bitumens which exceed the specification limits of AS2008, and Anionic Slow Set emulsions to AS1160 through contract manufacturers, both of which are suitable for use in stabilisation works. Shell strongly supports industry associations and government bodies in the promotion of the efficient and effective use of bitumen.

For further information on Shell Bitumen contact

  • Victoria & NSW: Paul Prendergast (03) 8823 4452 (03) 8823 4048
  • SA, WA and NT: Scott Jenssen (08) 9432 1473 (08) 9432 1252 
  • Queensland: Trevor Hodge (07) 3384 5220 (07) 3364 5317
  • Head Office: Nigel Preston TEL: (03) 8823 4451  FAX: (03) 8823 4048


    Sunstate Cement

    Roadblend is a special purpose cement produced by Sunstate Cement Ltd in Brisbane primarily for road base and subgrade soil stabilisation.

    It is manufactured by grinding Portland cement clinker in carefully controlled proportions with granulated iron blast furnace slag which has been selected for its particular mineral and chemical qualities.

    It is compatible with most granular and many plastic materials and can replace Type GP cement or hydrated lime in most applications.

    Roadblend may be used to stabilise materials with addition rates likely to be in the range of 2% to 5% by weight of suitable untreated material (depending on the plasticity of the material).

    Roadblend may be used in both the insitu method and the pugmill method. The mixing of the pavement materials should be carried out using purpose built stabilising equipment.

    To ensure full strength development, it is essential that curing the cement stabilised layer is carried out for a period of at least seven days. Curing methods such as regular, uniform spraying with a water cart and the application of a bituminous prime coat membrane are common.

    For further information on Roadblend contact the Sales Manager at Sunstate Cement on TEL: (07) 3895 1199 or by FAX: (07) 3895 1198.


    Unimin Australia

    Unimin Australia operates lime kilns for the production of both quicklime and hydrated lime at:

    Quicklime and Hydrated Lime products are used primarily on soils that are predominantly clay based. They are also used in the stabilisation of subgrade material. There are advantages in using lime products, some being an extension of the length of working time together with a reduction in plasticity index (PI).

    For further information, please contact:
    Queensland John Christensen Ph (07) 3278 6322 Fax (07) 3278 6229
    NSW Paul Keane Ph (02) 6769 5501 Fax (02) 6769 5707
    Victoria David Thomas Ph (03) 97350644 Fax (03) 97396189
    Tasmania Tim Jones Ph (03) 6363 1187 Fax (03) 63631188