Honorary Members

This is a person admitted to the association by the Council for providing outstanding contribution to the development of the Association and Industry in the Commonwealth of Australia. Honorary Members are selected when an individual provides the outstanding contribution, and is not automatically awarded annually.

Not more than two honorary members shall be admitted each year.

Honorary members shall not be required to pay any entrance fee, annual subscription or annual levy.

Honorary members are invited to attend and participate in annual general meetings of the Association but not to vote on any matter not have any right in the management of the Association.

Tom Wilmot (2000)
Robert Andrews (September 2002)
Paul Ritchie (September 2003)
Errol Jones (October 2004)
Phil Walter (October 2005)
Gregory Murphy (October 2006)
Warren Smith (2010)
Mal Bilaniwskyj (2011)
Tom Curnow (2012)
Paul Keane (2014)
Max Wallis (2014)