Max Wallis

Max has had a wide and varied career including work on the Jetport, now Tullamarine airport, which included huge amounts of lime stabilisation. Other ventures included farming, land development, mussel farming and marine salvage.
This varied and innovative background was to be the basis of research for a stabilisation additive, which would improve the performance of marginal materials, by protecting them from the effects of weakening due to water ingress. While cementitious binders provided water resistance they resulted in stiffening of the pavement. The aim was to develop a fully flexible but strong product.
The development work included laboratory research ,and the construction of a number of pilot plants , including microwave ovens borrowed from a university research centre. The first serious project was the extension of Taree Airfield , providing significant testing and confirmation by the Department’s laboratories. Further work led to the extensive use of Polyroad by the RTA [now RMS] in Southern NSW. Max now manages a a large production facility at Wodonga supplying Australia as well as exports to Europe Asia and Russia.