Construction Tips

AustStab provides the following construction tips for students and practitioners to better understand the equipment and procedures that are used in the road stabilisation industry in Australia. Please note the normal copyright rules apply to the Tips and please read the warning on these documents (see next paragraph).

The Association is a non-profit organisation sponsored by organisations involved in the stabilisation and road recycling industry in Australia whose purpose is to provide information on the use and practice of pavement stabilisation. This Guide is distributed by the Association for that purpose. Since the information provided is intended for general guidance only and in no way replaces the services of professionals on particular projects, no legal liability can be accepted by the Association for its use.

The Guidelines are in Adobe Acrobat Format (*.pdf)


Tip to cleaning vehicles driven over lime and cement during road stabilisation construction ( webpage)

Profilers versus stabiliser

Understand the difference between stabilisers, reclaimers and profilers. [Version A]

Skidsteer stabilisers

Suitable short-term patching using stabilisation principles. [Version B]

Understand the process of foamed bitumen stabilisation of pavements. [Version A]

Two-pass mixing

Mixing the powder binder is crucial to the success of stabilisation.

Stabilisation patch width

Providing practical advice on how best to dictate the width of a rehabilitation patch

Stabilisation using dry powder polymers  (Withdrawn – refer to Auststab Technical Notes  Click here)

Discusses the use of dry powder polymer binders for road stabilisation

The steam cloud emanating from the slaking of quicklime

Important practical OHS advice on the slaking process of quicklime

Pavement crossblending prior to stabilisation

Best practice techniques for crossblending prior to insitu stabilisation.

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