AustStab ARRB Accredited Contractors Register

AustStab believe that contractors that are accredited in accordance with the accreditation scheme will provide a consistently higher quality product than other contractors. All accredited contractors have a complete verified understanding of stabilisation process and theory.

To be eligible to be certified under the scheme organisations must actively carryout pavement stabilisation works or supply plant mix stabilised materials in Australia.

The technical requirements for pavement stabilisation, the risks and variables involved in the associated processes, necessitate careful consideration of the suitability of organisations that seek Contracting Accreditation.

Organisations which gain Contracting Accreditation are entered into a register that is available to parties with an interest in the pavement stabilisation industry through a public register displayed below.

In interim accredited contractor is a newly appointed contractor on a probationary period of 12 months before progressing to the accredited status. The probationary period is a period of 12 month in which the Contractor must demonstrate to AustStab that they carry out their works and general operations in compliance with AustStab’s standards, specifications, guidelines, tips and other technical information as well as abiding by the AustStab code of ethics. On demonstration of compliance AustStab may decree at the end of the probationary period that an Interim Contractor progress to an unrestricted Accredited Contractor, the application may be rejected, or the probationary period may be extended.

The assessment of the organisation will initially include:

  • A review of submitted application documentation;
  • A review of references and past jobs; and
  • An interview with the organisations key representative(s).

The assessment of the applicants organisation’s application may include:

  • Inspection of the relevant plant and equipment;
  • Summary of the approved/accredited systems and
  • An audit of a current job.

Assessment panels shall comprise:

  • Representative from ARRB
  • the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) AustStab

A recommendation from the Audit team will be presented to the AustStab Standards Working Committee for action.

AustStab is a not-for-profit industry association. The costs associated with conducting the accreditation system are borne by the Contractor. They are charged on an at cost basis. A quotation is available prior to the accreditation process.

Contractors are not required to be a member of AustStab to be eligible for certification under the Scheme.

Accreditation Brochure

A grievance procedure exists within the accreditation scheme. For more information about the grievance procedure, please refer to the Accreditation Scheme Requirements.

The accreditation scheme logo can be used by accredited contractors, in accordance with the Branding Guide.

Submitted application documentation

AustStab ARRB Accredited Contractors

CompanyAccredited categoryStatusNext review dateRepresentative
Accurate Asphalt & Road RepairsInsitu Stabilisation (Powder Binders) Full and Part ServiceAccreditated14/02/2023David Scicluna
Andrew Walter Constructions Insitu
Stabilisation (Powder Binders) Full and Part Service
Accreditated12/08/2022Stewart Geeves
Downer AustraliaInsitu Stabilisation (Powder Binder and Foamed Bitumen) Full Service and Part ServiceAccreditated15/04/2024Simon Abrahams
Hiway StabilizersInsitu
Stabilisation (Powder Binder and Foamed bitumen) Full and Part Service
Accreditated26/11/2023Mark Filsell
Hiway Stabilizers of AustraliaPlant Stabilisation
(Powder Binders and Foamed Bitumen)
Accreditated26/11/2023Kenn Hall
Stabilisation (Powder Binders and foamed bitumen) Full Service
Accreditated31/12/2024Chris Lunson
Stabilisation (Powder Binders) Full and Part Service
Accreditated14/02/2023Heath Curnow
Stabilco Pty LtdInsitu
Stabilisation (Powder Binders and Chemical Binders) Full and Part Service
Accreditated14/02/2023Heath Curnow
Stabilcorp Pty LtdInsitu
Stabilisation (Powder Binder) Full and Part Service
Accreditated26/11/2023Craig Pinson
Stabilised Pavements of AustraliaInsitu
stabilisation (Powder Binder and Foamed Bitumen) Full and Part Service
Accreditated15/04/2024David Berg
THE MiningInsitu
Stabilisation (Powder Binder) Full and Part Service
Accreditated31/12/2024Richard Sippel
Trico AsphaltPlant
stabilisation (Powder Binders and Foamed Bitumen) production only)
Accreditated18/06/2023Craig Eggerling
WA StabilisingInsitu
(Powder Binder and Foamed Bitumen) Full Service
Accreditated14/02/2023Mark Large

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