AustStab Working Group Restructure

AustStab is implementing a new national and state working group structure following a review during 2020. The revised structure aims to ensure an effective and efficient connection between the working groups and the AustStab Council and that activities at the working group level are undertaken in line with AustStab strategy and objectives. Designated AustStab Councillors will hold responsibility to lead each strategic portfolio and report to the Council on progress of actions in the following areas:

– Finance

– Standards

– Technical

– Marketing and Promotions

– Training and Education


Changes to State Working Groups

State working groups will continue to address local state issues, including specifications, regulations, safety and liaison with their local government and state road authorities. A new state working group has been formed for members operating in South Australia and members in Tasmania are invited to join the newly-combined Victoria/Tasmania working group. Please let Kristy know at if you would like to join these or any other state working group.


Current AustStab office bearers

The current AustStab office bearers are:

– President: Stewart Geeves (AWC)

– Vice President: Daniel Orriss (Stabilised Pavements of Australia)

– Secretary: Stuart Dack (AustStab)


AustStab Council Portfolio Leads:

– Finance: Daniel Orriss (Stabilised Pavements of Australia)

– Standards: Warren Smith (Stabilised Pavements of Australia)

– Technical: Allen Browne (Hiway Group)

– Marketing and Promotions: Simon Abrahams (Downer)

– Training and Education: Heath Curnow (Stabil-Lime Group)


National Working Group and Committee Convenors:

– Standards Committee Convenor: Warren Smith (Stabilised Pavements of Australia)

– Technical Working Group Convenor: Scott Young (Stabilised Pavements of Australia)

– Marketing and Promotions Working Group Convenor: Stuart Dack (AustStab)

– Training and Education Working Group Convenor: Stuart Dack (AustStab)


State Working Group Convenors:

– New South Wales: Daniel Orriss (Stabilised Pavements of Australia)

– Queensland: David Bell (Stabilised Pavements of Australia)

– South Australia: Simon Abrahams (Downer)

– Victoria/Tasmania: Heath Curnow (Stabil-Lime Group)

– Western Australia: Shane Ward (Downer)