Conference Speaker Announced

AustStab is excited to announce Dr James Grenfell will be one of our four speakers at our annual conference in July at Royal Pines Resort.

Dr Grenfell is a Senior Technical Leader at ARRB (Australian Road Research Board). Since joining the pavement team in February 2017, his work has focused on current Austroads projects looking at the improving knowledge of foamed bitumen stabilised pavements and the use of lightly cemented materials in pavement construction. He has also been looking at the addition of nanosilica to asphalt to improve properties and the addition of recycled crushed glass to asphalt to help reduce waste stockpiles. Prior to this Dr Grenfell spent 13 years as a researcher at NTEC (Nottingham Transportation Engineering Centre) at the University of Nottingham in the UK.

Below is a brief summary of what Dr Grenfell will be discussing:

Fatigue of Foamed Bitumen Stabilised Materials tested with the Accelerated Loading Facility (ALF)

Austroads project TT2046 Improving the cost effectiveness of foamed bitumen stabilised pavements

The project aims to provide an improved understanding of the performance of foamed bitumen stabilised (FBS) pavements through full-scale accelerated pavement testing.

One half of this project is to assess the fatigue performance of these foamed bitumen stabilised pavements under ALF. Three test strips comprising of a 100% granite host material, a 50% granite/50% RAP lane and an 80% previously cement treated/20% granite material, each stabilised with 3% foamed bitumen and 2% hydrated lime are being assessed.

The three test strips have been constructed and are being subjected to accelerated loading using ALF. Initial pavement loading was undertaken using an ALF load of 40 kN. This was undertaken up to 286,000 passes in each lane. At this point the load was increased to 60 kN to accelerate pavement failure. Traffic loading is continuing at 60 kN and at present more than 600,000 load passes have been applied to each test strip.

During the ALF testing the test pavements are continuously monitored to assess their fatigue performance. This presentation will detail to the findings to date.


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